Sydostleden stretches from Växjö to Simrishamn and is a 270km bike path. Experience the varied nature when you bike from Småland's forests to the south-east Sweden's fine coastal landscape. The national bike trail is up to 80% paved, which makes it perfect for cycling by regular bicycle, electric bike or mountain bike. The bike path is divided into seven stages and along the bike path there is several stops for experiences, food and spending the night.

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Bicycle package Southeast trail

New for 2020 is that we now have a bicycle package for the Southeast Trail. Cycle the southeast route for 5 days with 4 nights at new selected accommodation. Possibility is available on bicycles parts of members as well as extend or shorten the package.
Here you will find and book our southeast route package.

Rent a bike

Rent a bike and cycle the entire Sydostleden from Växjö and leave the bikes at the end in Simrishamn. We offer rental of regular bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, trailers and other bicycle accessories.

Transportation of bikes

We can pick-up and drop-off bikes along the entire path. For more information contact us at +46 73-5536158 or