Our prices

With us you can rent different kinds of bikes, the selection of bikes varies depending on location.

Use the search function above to see the price and which bikes are available at each location. 

All bike rental and payment is made online. For larger groups or longer rentals, you are welcome to contact us for a quote.

Here is the prices for the most common bikes.


Regular bike

Hyra av vanlig damcykel
160 SEK
310 SEK
460 SEK
610 SEK
760 SEK
910 SEK
1070 SEK

Electric bike

Hyra av elcykel
385 SEK
670 SEK
955 SEK
1240 SEK
1525 SEK
1810 SEK
2095 SEK

Mountain bike

Hyra av mountainbike
365 SEK
630 SEK
895 SEK
1160 SEK
1425 SEK
1690 SEK
1955 SEK

Use the search function above to see more bikes and prices.

Deviating prices may occur at certain destinations.