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Åhus is a popular town to visit especiallyh during spring and summer, on the east coast of Skåne. Here you will find good cycling opportunities. Rent a bike in Åhus and cycle along the beautiful Sydostleden, which goes all the way from Växjö in the north to Simrishamn in the south, and through Åhus. Explore the sea, the coast, the varied nature of Skåne, and enjoy good food. And don't miss the chance to try "Skånsk äggakaka".

Cycle on Sydostleden - up to 260 km of experiences 

A lot of cyclists who rent bicycles in Åhus pack their bags with a nice picnic and bathing clothes to cycle on Sydostleden (the South East cycle trail), which transitions into Sydkustleden (South Coast cycle trail) further south. The trail is one of three national bike trails in Sweden. You can choose to cycle one of the many stages, or several of them. Åhus is part of the Kristianstad-Brösarp stage.

From Åhus to Brösarp - cycle to Brösarps backar and Österlen

About 10 km south of Åhus you will find Friseboda nature reserve by the sea, a long sandy beach by Hanöbukten. The nature further up from the sea is worth exploring by foot, with pine forest dating from the 17th century. Go for a walk in the hiking area, or continue cycling on Sydostleden through the nature reserve, along the sea to the south. Soon you will arrive in Brösarp and the part of Skåne called Österlen. Go walking in Brösarps backar (hills) or on the many trails in Österlen.

Explore the town of ​​Åhus - a gem in the south of Sweden

The history of Åhus goes back all the way to the Middle Ages. Known for its beach handball festival and beach football in the summer, long sandy beaches and historic buildings, Åhus attracts many visitors every year, especially during the summer. Åhus became an important trading and shipping city in the 13th century. In the 14th century, a city wall with was built. Today, Åhus has Sweden's second best-preserved medieval city centre, after Visby on the island Gotland.

Stora Vattenriketrundan - experience more of Skåne 

From Åhus you can cycle Stora Vattenriketrundan, the Big Water Land route. It's a 65 kilometer long cycling route that takes you along the coast at Hanöbukten, to Yngsjö, and then inland towards Maglehem and Degeberga, up towards Everöd and finally Kristianstad in the north. Along the tour there are many nature experiences, such as a stork center, Degeberga backar (hills) and Håslövs ängar (meadows). In the towns you pass, there are plenty opportunities for overnight stays, coffee breaks, restaurant visits, and along the entire coast you will find nice beaches.

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