Bicycle rental in Lund

Rent bicycles in Lund and be ready for a great adventure. Discover one of Sweden's oldest cities, landscape of Skåne that surrounds it, and how close it is to the sea. Please book your bike online.

Adventures with rental bikes in Lund

Around Lund and in the city, there are many good bike roads and paths. Explore Skåne in the best way - from on top of a bicycle saddle. There are specific bike lanes with signs, as well as lovely country roads with low traffic. There is a cycle path all the way from Lund to Malmö (Sweden's third largest city), just for example.

Rent a bike and visit Lomma Strand

In lovely Lomma by the sea you can swim, enjoy sandy beaches, and eat well in the marina. From Lomma it is close to Alnarp, where there are many nice buildings, a castle from the 19th century and not least Alnarpsparken, one of the most species-rich parks in Sweden.

Discover beautiful Skåne

Skåne's varied nature, flat landscape and opportunities for cycling - no wonder it's the number one choice for many cyclists, both casual cyclists who want to enjoy an active holiday, and for cyclists who prefer more speed. People are drawn to the white sandy beaches, the blue sea, forests and yellow rapeseed fields, as well as a large selection of attractions, restaurants, cafes and beautiful architecture.

Places to visit in Lund with rental bikes

Many people request bicycle rental in Lund - naturally since the city has so much to offer. Nature is around the city but also inside it: the Botanical Garden in Lund, Lundagård Park and Stadsparken. Other popular destinations in the city of Lund are the impressive University House, the famous Lund Cathedral, and the Monastery Church. There are bars, restaurants, cafes, shopping and activities that suit everyone, with cozy streets and alleys. In the summer, a popular flea market is organized on Södra Esplanaden every Saturday.

Tips on bike tours around Lund

Here are some tips on more cycling destinations that can be reached from Lund:

• Skrylle - 26 km from Lund, with several connected nature reserves and a restaurant.

• Löddeköpinge - 36 km from Lund, by the sea, with Borgeby Castle, the theme park Vikingatider and the windmill Högsmölla.

• Flyinge - 29 km from Lund, a paradise for horse lovers. Flyinge kungsgård has bred horses since the 17th century and offers guided tours.

• Billebjär - 20 km from Lund, located high above the rest of the landscape with a view of Lundaslätten. Here is an abandoned quarry, forests and grazing animals.

Bicycle rental in Lund

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