Bike rental in Trelleborg

Farthest south in Sweden is Trelleborg, a hidden gem and one of Skåne's oldest cities with an interesting history. Trelleborg is named after a ring castle from the Viking Age, "Trelleborgen". The castle is the only ring castle from the Viking Age in Sweden. Inside the city of Trelleborg there is shopping, culture, beautiful areas and activities for children and adults. If you rent a bike in Trelleborg, you can cycle along the long coast of Skåne and you are next to Sweden's southernmost point Smygehuk.

Bicycle rental in Trelleborg

We have easy and reliable bicycle rental in Trelleborg and beautiful Skåne! Discover cosy harbours, long sandy beaches, nature and fun activities. A cycling holiday in Trelleborg have many benefits. You can explore the city's historical streets, as well as varied nature, the coast and beaches in Skåne.

Ready for a lovely cycling holiday in Skåne?

Book your bikes in Trelleborg and discover the city's historic buildings at Gamla torg, see the fantastic view from the water tower and cycle along the coast. Did you know that the harbour in Trelleborg is Sweden's second largest? There are plenty of cycle paths both throughout the city and many miles outside, out into the beautiful Skåne landscape.

Discover Trelleborg's history from the Viking Age

The Viking castle "Trelleborgen" in Trelleborg has given the city its name. It's one of the city's most famous attractions, so don't miss it! Trelleborgen is a reconstruction of the remains of a castle from the Viking Age that was found during excavations during the 1980s. The Viking castle is believed to have been established by Harald Blåtand, who was king of Denmark and Skåne. Another historical place is Fru Alstads church from the 15th century, one of Trelleborg's oldest buildings. And at Trelleborg's museum you can explore everything about the Viking Age and look at skulls and skeletons from Vikings.

Cycle to the beaches in Trelleborg

Rent a bike in Trelleborg and explore the long coast. There are many spots for swimming in the sea and lovely sandy beaches. Stop with the bikes at one of the most popular bathing spots in Trelleborg: Skateholm, Böste, Anderslöv's open-air swimming pool, Dalabadet, Pärlan or Nybostrand.

Rent a bike and discover the South Coast Trail

Cycle on Sydkustleden, the South coast cycling route, with your rental bikes. A guaranteed experience-rich tour in Skåne. The South coast route has a total of six stages and a 260 kilometers of cycle path. Sunbathe on the beaches, experience beautiful nature, and eat and drink at local cafés and restaurants. The route stretches from Simrishamn to Helsingborg, via Ystad, Trelleborg, Skanör, Falsterbo, Malmö and Landskrona. Between Trelleborg and Ystad there is asphalt on most of the cycling path, where you cycle along the southern coast of Skåne. Several opportunities to stop at beautiful sandy beaches and in coastal villages!

Cycle from Trelleborg to Skanör

Skanör can be called Sweden's "riviera". Cycle for just over 20 kilometers from Trelleborg and you will arrive in Skanör, with its chalk-white sandy beach around Näset. The harbour of Skanör offers delicacies like fish from local smokehouses. You can also visit the bathing cabin or walk around to look at the beautiful houses and the view.

Places to visit between Trelleborg and Skanör:

• Old fishing village Kämpinge and Kämpinge beach. A kilometer-long sandy beach with a magnificent dune landscape and fragrant pine forest. Between the forest and the beach there are hundreds of cabins that characterize the area around Näset. In Kämpinge fishing village there is also Bärnstensmuseet, the Amber Museum.

• Bird watching in Falsterbo, one of northern Europe's best bird watching sites. The area is internationally known as a migratory bird site, which means that many of Northern Europe's migratory birds use it as a starting point for their journey to the south. The bird of prey section in Skanörs Ljung is a great place to see birds of prey.

• Skanör Harbor, a wonderful beach and cozy villge with restaurants and cafés.

Explore Albäcksskogen

Cycle to Albäcksskogen in Trelleborg to experience birdsong and beautiful nature. There's rich bird life in the area, old trees with nameplates, and lots of places for picnics or even a barbecue. Children love to play in Ronjaborgen and on the adventure playground. There are bird towers for those who are interested in seeing species such as nightingales, coots, starlings and herons, so feel free to bring binoculars!

Cycle to Smygehuk, the Southernmost point of Sweden

Cycle to Smygehuk, Sweden's southernmost point, located east of Trelleborg. The nature and the beautiful rocky beaches surrounding it makes Smygehuk a perfect destination. The lighthouse in Smygehuk is one of Trelleborg's most famous landmarks. At Smygehuk you can experience different activities, music, art and culture, or enjoy the sunset in silence. More than 300,000 people visit Smygehuk every year. To the east of the lookout is the town Smygehamn. Here you can find a café, ice cream, fish smokehouse and shops. The calcareous soil characterizes the nature and wildlife around Smygehuk with species like frogs, salamanders, and a highly endangered toad. At the harbor you can view the statue "Famntaget". It is said that the actress Uma Thurman's grandmother stood model for it.

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