Rent bikes in Glasriket, Småland

Småland's nature has something very special. The deep forests, with rocks dating back from the ice age and covered in soft moss, the shimmering blue lakes and the meadows where sheep, cows and horses graze. If you're planning on renting a bike in Glasriket - The kingdom of Crystal - and Småland, the bike routes and trails will give you a great time. You can pick up your rental bikes for cycling in Glasriket from Vidinge Gård outside Älghult.

Cycle routes in Glasriket - the popular destination

Glasriket is the name of the beautiful area among the forests that stretch between Växjö and Kalmar. Every year, over a million people visit Glasriket's glassworks where the ovens still are busy with glassmaking, which has been going on since the 1740s. Småland's nature mixed with towns, small and large glassworks, cycle paths and many fun destinations make Glasriket an excellent place for a cycling vacation and renting bicycles. You can mix up the cycling in Glasriket with hiking in nature reserves, swimming in any of the lakes, visiting a moose park or going on a zipline.

Rent a bike in Glasriket, Småland, and discover scenic bike routes

Glasriket has cycling opportunities that suit everyone. Old railways with enbankments, gravel and asphalt roads, mountain bike trails in the forest. In Glasriket you have a total of 19 dedicated cycle paths to choose from, for example:

• The glassworks tour, "Glasriketrundan". From Målerås to Orrefors and back.

• Ädlaste Småland (Noblest Småland), 45 km via Alsterbro, Stensjön and Målerås

• Framtidsleden (The future route), 38 km long cycle route that offers beautiful views via Älghult, Målerås and Alstermo. Visit the glassworks in Målerås and take a break at one of the restaurants or cafés in the towns you pass.

• Kungsleden (The King's route), 35-45 km, around the lake Alstern, along the river Alsterån and towards Målerås.

• The old railway, cycling on the embankment which stretches a total distance of 65 km between Åseda and Nybro.

Mountain biking in Glasriket

If you want to go mountain biking, there are several trails to choose from in Glasriket, including Målerås locateded 13 km from Älghult. In Nybro you find the popular nature area Svartbäcksmåla which has great mountain bike trails.

Rent bikes for your cycling vacation in Glasriket

Are you looking to explore Glasriket on bike? makes the bike rental easy and safe - simply choose which bikes you'd like to rent and which dates the cycling adventure will take place.

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Bike paths
Mountainbike map Svartbäcksmåla
Banvallsleden Nybro - Åseda (65 km)
Framtidsleden (38 km)

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Mountainbiking in Glasriket, Småland.

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Rent a bike in Glasriket, Småland.